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World's Crossing Academy

The game takes place in a universe where fantasy races exist, but in different realities. We've all fantasized about escaping to another world. It's conceivable in today's world. At the W...

Keepers 1: Revolution

In Keepers 1: Revolution, after a traumatic event, the heroine realizes she can no longer return home. After meeting Rumi, she decides to go on a road trip with her. She embarks on her lo...

Drakun x Demon - I'll become the strongest mage in the world

How strong will an ambitious young guy be when confronted with the presence of an international terrorist group and the people he cares about? Drakun x Demon takes place in Autumn City, a...

Let It Go

After recently competing in another snowboarding competition, Lucy wants to capitalize on the buzz to further her influence. Even though she loves her sister dearly, Zoe is tired of her s...

Nightmares Before Halloween

In Nightmares Before Halloween, our protagonist starts a new October with no idea that he would be the target of a dark creature looking to toy with him this time around. Is he going to b...

Detective Necro

In Detective Necro, the narrative is set in a high fantasy world that has experienced a technological revolution, bringing its technology up to date. Magic disappeared from our planet lon...

Dirty Game - Ep1

In Dirty Game - Ep1, your character is an ex-soldier who's just returned from a combat zone and is attempting to make a normal life for himself. But due to the MC's poor nature, life spir...

Summer Class - Intro

Summer Class - I'll have to attend summer school this year to make up for my mediocre grade. For me, it's not a big deal. I'm in a relationship with a woman and make an excellent living t...

Hardcore Cruising: A Sci-Fi Gay Sex Cruise

The HMS Size Queen has arrived! Milo Barre, a new crew member, has begun his maiden voyage. His lifelong ambition was to work for this prestigious cruise line, but he was often belittled ...

The Student Loan

This is a short school visual novel for adults. The story takes place when you get a summer vacation from a college education and are planning a trip to Las Vegas.

Dragon Date

The dating sim/adventure game Dragon Date is a lot of fun. While playing the role of Dragon Caretaker, you quickly discover that the dragons you'll be looking after are all female. It's y...

My Future Wife - Ep1

Do you think it's possible to travel through time? Let me tell you my tale if you don't believe in it. I was a senior in high school, turning 18 at the time. What made me unique was my ab...

Dragon Waifu

A short adult visual novel with a knight and a huge-breasted dragon girl.


High School DXD Hentai Parody.

Jedi Trainer

Cheats Lottery Ticket Code is "INDIANATK" Code word is "Nispack" Smuggler password is "DASTRA"

IDK Jenna

In IDK Jenna, immerse yourself in an intricate story with various characters, frank content, and scenarios surrounding the main character in this visual novel. The recent string of bad lu...

Divergence: Beyond The Singularity - Part 1

In Divergence: Beyond The Singularity - Part 1, the future is now, and it's ripe with artificial intelligence. Androids are now a part of everyday human society. You need to coexist with ...

Z Training

This is a parody of the Dragon Ball series. When the Sayayins arrive and exterminate everyone on your planet except for you, your people experiment with you merging your technology with t...

Chosen Few

In Chosen Few, there are many Pokémon waifus to meet in this parody game. After arriving at the academy in Unova, you discover that it is an all-female school and have no idea why you wer...

Misty XXX Simulator

Misty XXX Simulator - Porn parody of Pokemon. Fuck Misty, change accessories, and customize expression.

Azula Trainer

Azula Trainer is a parody of Avatar that features Azula, the Fire Lord. She and her father have triumphed in this alternate universe. For the past four years, while the Phoenix King Ozai ...

Konoha Training

You're about to join the universe of Naruto. Follow the story and meet all the famous characters. You'll get to meet Sakura, Tsunade, Ino, Hinata, and other characters.

Camp Mourning Wood

In Camp Mourning Wood, you get to play El Presidente Jr. who is a very spoiled son of the powerful Caribbean president. Your father is tired of you lazing around and sends you to a reform...


A parody of the stories of Harry Potter and the life of Merlin starring Hermione Granger.

President Evil

In President Evil, a Romanian village serves as the setting for this Resident Evil parody. Can you make it out of here alive and undamaged? Lady Dimitrescu is a hulking, beautiful vampire...

Rick And Morty - The Pervetiest Central Finite Curve

Rick And Morty - The Pervetiest Central Finite Curve

Meet Cute: Cafe

You were having a horrible day, but it's starting to turn around and be a fantastic day! It started with you falling into a dirty puddle and ruining your outfit, and you run into a nearby...

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