Degrees of Lewdity

Degrees of Lewdity is a popular hentai porn game that’s got a large fan following. The game features hentai porn illustrations and lots of potent erotica. This is a free hentai porn game that tends to update a decent amount.

Degrees of Lewdity: What’s The Story?

Degrees of Lewdity is an erotic porn game that floats into bizarro-land early and often. It’s weird, make no mistake about it, but that’s likely why it cultivates a lot of porn game popularity amongst its fan base.

This is not a hentai porn game for the easily offended; rather, it’s extreme sexual fetish and kink nature protrude with immediacy. It is a hardcore porn game, that’s the 30,000 foot view.

This is a text-based, or as I like to say, erotica porn game. This means reading content is central to gameplay. The erotica fuels this porn game’s engine. If you don’t like reading or erotica, Degrees of Lewdity isn’t for you.

The main character is an 18-year-old woman. She goes about town winning the adoration of men.

Degrees of Lewdity is a fantasy game. In other words, you use your imagination as you read through the erotica. There are lots of sexual, even intense sexual scenarios at every corner of this porn game experience.

Look, here’s a cut from Degrees of Lewdity that features a horny dolphin banging the main character.

degrees of lewdity

Are we clear? You get it now? Degrees of Lewdity is some lewd, intense stuff. It isn’t for the feint of heart.

As you can see, the graphics aren’t much to right home about. The experience centers around reading the erotic descriptions which aim to make you feel the intensely sexual experience happening.

But again, Degrees of Lewdity isn’t attempting to impress you with sexy hentai porn art. It’s hijacking the lewd parts of your brain so you can get off.


Extremely pixalated and hardly worth talking about. Again, the major component of the content is the erotica, text-driven fantasy. The graphics are hentai porn art, but again, it’s probably worse than Atari graphics at this point.

Degrees of Lewdity is a graphic erotic hentai porn game that’s graphics leave a lot to be desired. That said, the erotica is intense and for those who desire hardcore sexual fetish themes, this game may be just what you need. It is typically a free porn game.

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